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Angular cheilitis (also called perlèche[1]:309, cheilosis or angular sto


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Angular Cheilitis is actually Stomatitis mouth. This is easily recognizable by evident symptoms such as wounds that would seem to be created by paper cuts on your lips and usually on the corners of your mouth. These wounds would likely attract curious stares from other people since they would look like red rashes on the mouth. Stomatitis mouths are even mistaken for herpes or cold sores which is why people would usually flung as far from you as possible. Aside from the social stress that you need to cope up with, you would also feel physical stress from the pain in your mouth.

Those people experiencing Stomatitis mouths have already tried taking varying medicinal approaches to cure the condition. However, every effort does not guarantee a cure especially if you do not know the causes behind your condition.

There are generally two reasons why some people suffer from Stomatitis mouths:
1. Prominent creases and folds on the mouth. These are the favorite breeding grounds of these microbial bacteria that trigger the occurrence of Stomatitis mouth. These creases and folds are usually caused by excessive skin due to wrinkles from aging, excessive weight gain or wrongly fitted teeth or dentures.

2. Presence of moisture deposits on the folds and creases. Once your mouth will keep the folds and creases in it, you would not be far from being part of the statistics of people experiencing Stomatitis mouths. Moisture encourages bacteria to live and survive in your mouth folds. This triggers the start of Stomatitis mouths then.

There are herbal remedies however that will stop moisture from being deposited in the corners of your mouth. If your lips and mouth will only be moisturized enough, you can slowly resolve and remedy your condition. You can go online to obtain tips about these herbal remedies so that you can be on your way to a fast recovery.

Myths about Angular Stomatitis or Perleche
You see people with hideous-looking wounds or cuts on the lip area and the look of it is very unattractive and embarrassing. These unfortunate people with such lesions are possibly suffering from Angular Stomatitis, a type of skin inflammation that is caused by fungal or bacterial growth on the areas of the mouth. Apart from having to bear with the hideous appearance due to the fissures, it is also physically painful to the skin.

Not a lot of us are familiar about this skin condition so certain misconceptions and myths have been grasped without a clear understanding of what Angular Stomatitis really is. In order to clear out cobwebs and learn about the disease better, here are two common fallacies we must know:

a. Angular Stomatitis is not the same as herpes or cold sore. Although there are similarities in the appearance and manifestation such as crusts, cracked mouth corners, chapped and dry lips, the treatment for this type of skin inflammation is not exactly the same as that of the abovementioned since the nature of the condition is entirely different.

b. Contrary to common misconceptions that it is contagious, Angular Stomatitis is not a transmittable disease, no matter how ugly and unattractive it may appear on the skin.

So, when someone has this disease, there is nothing much to fear about but it is still helpful to be educated with certain facts about it. So here are truths about Angular Stomatitis:

a. Anyone can get the infection, but studies reveal that the elderly are more prone to it.
b. Those who have existing skin allergies and certain skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis are more easily affected by the disease.
c. Anyone with a poor immune system, vitamin-deficient, and experiencing malnourishment is more likely to develop the infection.
Angular Cheilitis Infection - What's the End Result?
Infections are one of the top reasons why you would be afflicted with multiple wounds and lesions. In the case of Angular Cheilitis infection, you would see that it would greatly manifest on the mouth and lips of those who are unfortunate to have it. Thus, denying the fact that you do have the infection would be such a difficult feat to accomplish since no one will really believe you when they can see all those wounds on your lips and mouth.

Angular Cheilitis infection would result to red spots on your mouth. Eventually when this affliction advances to severe stage, you would see wounds, flakes, and cracked areas on the mouth. And to make matters worse, Angular Cheilitis infection would cause ulcers to develop on these areas.
When people notice the hideous cracks and splits on your mouth, you would seemingly be attracting bad vibes. This is because you have would be teased by those people who do not really understand what your disease is all about. Angular Cheilitis infection does not only ruin the physical appearance of your mouth but it will also affect your social life miserably.

Even if not all the people around you would tease you about these wounds and cracks that you now have, receiving a single mocking stare would already hurt your ego badly. Thus, you will get to experience psychological trauma that would be quite hard to remove from your system from then on.
Indeed, anyone who has experienced any of the various types of Angular Cheilitis infections can say that it is not something they would look forward to. It is a frustrating experience and one that must be rid of the soonest time possible. If you happen to have one, finding an effective treatment is something you should be doing right now.

How to Treat Angular Cheilitis the Easy Way
The treatment of Angular cheilitis depends generally on its cause and since cheilitis is a form of disease that can be formed due to the absence of essential nutrients that protects the skin, vitamin rich diet or supplements of vitamin B complex and Iron must be provided to the person who is suffering from recurrent cheilitis. If you are not sure what causes your cheilitis then you better consult your dermatologist so that he could pinpoint the factors that cause your ailment. Dermatologists so far are the very persons who can help you how to treat angular cheilitis effectively and in fact they are more knowledgeable than other doctors because analyzing and treating skin conditions are part of their specialization. If you have a recurring and persistent skin conditions, better look for the advice of a dermatologist for correct diagnosis and treatment.

Actually, there are many ways on how to treat Angular cheilitis the easy way and you need this information if you want to visit your dermatologist so that you will understand what he will be talking about with regards to your illness. However, let’s take a look first on what causes Angular cheilitis so that you can understand also about the treatment.

Angular cheilitis is commonly caused by a yeast infection. This type of yeast is called the Candida albicans, a fungus that thrives on moist areas of our skin. When you always have saliva on the corners of your mouth you are most likely to be prone to Angular cheilitis. This disease can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, bad habits, low on skin vitamins and other factors. Cheilitis usually goes away after few days or can even be suppressed by using home remedies such as applying aloe vera, honey, petroleum jelly and medicated lip balm. However, the more potent medications are those that will be advised by your dermatologist and these can include topical antifungal medications that contain triamcinolone, nystatin, and acetoide. So far, any medication that contains these elements can be considered a sure and easy way on how to treat Angular cheilitis.

Topical creams can reduce the fungal infection by killing the fungus that is on the skin. It also relieves the itching, inflammation and rawness of the affected skin. However, you must know the proper application of the cream because basically any topical cream intended to treat wounds contains steroids so avoid ingesting it or else you can experience bad side effects. How to treat Angular cheilitis once you have the cream should be done with great cautions. Topical ointments that have steroids are not also applicable for children’s use.

Normally, bacterial infection is most likely to add to the infection caused by the fungal organisms and in this manner your dermatologist must make his analysis to find out what strain of bacteria is doubling the infection. He can recommend double action creams or creams that can kill both fungal and microbial organisms.

Heal Angular Cheilitis the Natural Way
How to Heal Angular Cheilitis the Natural Way

Having Angular Cheilitis is not only painful but embarrassing as well because of the noticeable red cracks it causes on the sides of the mouth. The main cause of this skin disorder is the accumulation of saliva on the constantly moistened corners of the mouth and the growth of yeast that are prevalent in the environment. People who are also allergic to some cosmetic products and have vitamin deficiencies are also vulnerable to Angular Cheilitis and this makes the skin problem common today. For those who are looking for surefire treatments for cheilitis, there are a couple of home remedies which can serve as answers to the issue on how to heal Angular Cheilitis.

The simplest of these remedies is to use petroleum jelly to cover the affected parts of the mouth. Using petroleum jelly is more recommended compared to the use of over the counter ointments because petroleum jelly is milder and can serve as a good protection to the skin without the usual irritations caused by other ointments. Using cucumber slices or aloe vera gel is also considered good options on the matter of how to heal Angular Cheilitis because these two natural plants have healing and cooling components which also give relief to pain.

For those who are looking for ways on how to heal Angular Cheilitis without using other products, drinking lots of water can help a lot. Having plenty of water a day is a good way to keep the skin moisturized and healthy from the inside. Moreover, since cheilitis is a skin disorder that is also caused by vitamin deficiencies, eating a balanced diet rich with nutrients and vitamins can be the permanent solution to the subject of how to heal Angular Cheilitis. Including green leafy vegetables and other foods like tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and fruits on the diet can also strengthen the body’s immune system so that the healing process of the infected part is sped up. Taking supplements together with a balanced diet can also help.
Angular Cheilitis eMedicine Online
Patients nowadays usually do not directly go to their doctors for consultations. What they tend to do is to conduct their own research online about questions that are running in their minds regarding the disease they have. Knowing the name of the disease that they have would already lead them to discover possible cures for their condition just by reading through various websites.

If you are suffering from cracked lips and mouth corners, you can look for Angular Cheilitis emedicine on the Internet. If you are lucky, you can find a solution to this problem of yours that will heal your mouth and lips within three days. If the cream or ointment that your doctor would give you will not take effect as yet, you need to have an alternative solution and this could be in the form of Angular Cheilitis emedicines. These creams and ointments may not be enough to give you the solution that you need.

Aside from the Angular Cheilitis emedicine, you have to make sure that you should also be a well-informed patient. You need to know what your sickness is like so that you would know what would be the most appropriate cure for you. There are many informative articles that you can read online. These will also serve to widen your knowledge about the issue so that you would not only be able to help yourself but others as well. You can even communicate with ex-sufferers of the affliction (if you know some of them) so that you will get to know what Angular Cheilitis emedicine they have used to completely heal it. If these emedicines were suggested by ex-sufferers, you can be sure that they will also work on you as they have already been proven effective and efficient by other sufferers just like you.
Fast Healing of Mouth Sores: Angular Cheilitis Tea Tree Oil Treatment
Angular Cheilitis is a common skin problem which may plague people of all ages. Characterized by cracked mouth corners, itching, and chapping of the lips, this skin disorder may not only cause constant pain on a person but embarrassment as well because of the noticeable lesions it causes. Angular Cheilitis arises from saliva accumulation on the sides of the mouth. The moist environment becomes the place where bacteria and fungus can thrive, further causing an infection. Other causes of cheilitis are allergies, dermatitis, HIV, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies, and ill-fitting dentures.

Of all the many effective home remedies which can be used nowadays, using an Angular Cheilitis tea tree oil treatment is one of the most well recommended practices because the oils from this tree have been proven to have effective healing properties on wounds. Tea tree oil has been used since the ancient times because of the relief sensation it triggers when applied on affected areas.

Using Angular Cheilitis tea tree oils is also advantageous because it has components which can stop the normal multiplication of bacteria. Mixing tea tree oil with petroleum jelly is also better especially during extreme cold weather. The anti-fungal properties of the tea tree oil and the protection provided by the jelly speed up the healing process of the chapped lips.

In Angular Cheilitis tea tree oil treatment, using pure tea tree oil is not recommended because the oil has a very strong chemical component that can cause more irritation if applied on the skin. Thus, it is recommended that few drops of vitamin E are mixed on the oil to dilute it. Honey is also a good mixture for the oil because just like the Angular Cheilitis tea tree oil, honey also contains anti-bacterial properties which help the lesions to heal quickly. Honey can also be helpful in relieving the pain from the sores.



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